About Us

We first conceived of this site while planning our last visit to family in France. We wanted great reading materials for our children to introduce them to the people and landscapes of Paris, the Loire Valley, of French Flanders and of the French Alps. Wanting to steer clear of conventional tour guides, we sought out compelling works of fiction, biographies and beautiful imagery that would provide introductions glimpses of the personalities, cultures and settings that contribute to the character of each place or region. It was surprisingly difficult to find the kinds of publications that we were seeking.  

While we have family branches scattered around France, we love to be immersed in each of its diverse regions and cultures.  We strive for authentic experiences of place, through exploring regional landscapes, through spending time eating and walking in towns and cities and through cultivating relationships with individuals in each place.  When we're not physically present, we like to explore these diverse regions through the stories of place and in conversations through online communities. 

Our business is born of our desire to share some of the best stories and publications that we have discovered in our sifting.