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Pensées — Oncle Hansi

Northeast France: the Grand Est

Alsace Ardennes Champagne French cuisine Grand Est Jean-Jacques Waltz Lorraine Oncle Hansi Vosges

Northeast France: the Grand Est

As far as regions go, France’s Grand Est is just a big baby.  It was created in 2014 by consolidating the old provinces Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne and Ardennes into a single, large administrative unit.  It spans the northeast corner of the country and includes the city of Strasbourg and the Vosges mountains. Although it is very new, its regional distinctness has been centuries-in-the-making.  Its terroir--its geology, soils and climate--make it fertile ground for grape production (and for cabbages!).  Hence it produces some of the world’s best white wines.  It is also the birthplace of choucroute, an Alsatian cabbage charcuterie dish. ...

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