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Reading French, Learning French


Fall has arrived--even if fall weather has not! The kids are back in school.  It's time for you, dear reader, to get back to your French-learning adventure!

Over the summer as I prepared teaching material for my fall classes, I read and thought a lot about language acquisition. This fall, I'll be incorporating some new ideas into my lessons--ideas inspired by TPR Storytelling (aka Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling), a story-based approach to language acquisition

Here are some of my favorite keys to language acquisition from this method:

*  aural input (what you hear) should always be interesting

*  learn the target language in the target language

*  enjoy what you learn stress-free

How can you accomplish this at home?  Here is my suggestion:

Try reading some illustrated French story books.  Read them aloud or in your head, on your commute to work, before you go to sleep...   You get the point.  


You might start with a special collection that our whole family has enjoyed:

Les Aventures Fantastiques de Sacré Coeur / Laurent Audouin & Amélie Sarn.  

This series tells of the adventures of a Parisian boy who bravely faces-off with evil foes in the darkest haunts of Paris.

Bonne lecture,






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  • Suzie on

    @Heidi,you’re welcome! I love your videos with Tonton and have been enjoying using them with my French students. So, thank you :) What are some of your favorite French books to read to your children?

  • Heidi on

    Thank you so much for sharing these books. These look perfect for my kids. They love anything scary and I am teaching them French!

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