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Les crêpes de la Chandeleur


If you’re feeling like Groundhog Day wasn’t quite as exciting as you were hoping, you can add a charming French tradition to brighten your first week of February. Celebrate la Chandeleur, the last hurrah of the Christmas cycle and the midway point of winter. This holiday has its origin in Roman antiquity and eventually became a Catholic holiday. Today crêpes are the center of this French holiday.  Try out this easy recipe for dinner or dessert one night this week:

If you enjoy crêpes, you'll enjoy Ann Mah's delightful book about French regional cuisines: Mastering the Art of French Eating. She devotes a whole chapter to the evolution of crêpes in the French province of Bretagne.

For some extra fun, try flipping the crêpes with your right hand while holding a golden coin in your left.  If your crêpe lands squarely in your pan, you will know prosperity in the year to come!  If you’re feeling especially daring (and superstitious;) save your first crêpe in a drawer or closet to ensure a plentiful harvest! 

Happy Chandeleur!

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