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Learning French through stories



Don't you wish you could learn French the way you learned English--painlessly and without even realizing you were learning?  Learning French can and should be the same: Natural, fun and seamless.  Immerse yourself in the language by reading French children's stories.  According to research you will acquire more vocabulary and grammar if you engage in meaningful ways with the language you are trying to learn. Reading is such an important key to unlocking fluency!

TPR Storytelling (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) is a method of teaching foreign languages that builds upon this research.  Its proponents engage students through story, so that they acquire new vocabulary and grammatical structures in narrative contexts through association and active participation.  This can take a variety of forms from reading aloud to acting out a story. The student's active participation and interest are critical for success.

Check out our collection of fun, entertaining and beautifully-illustrated children's books. Feel like a kid again, effortlessly learning through reading.  These books expose the reader to beautiful, rich language written by French authors with entertaining narratives set in real French places and regions.  Losing yourself in these stories and their vivid settings is immersion at its best!

Below is a sampling of our collection.  Click on the image to follow a link to the individual books or click on the bottom image to see the whole collection.

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