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French kids eat everything. Do yours?

French Kids Eat Everything

Yes, this is what Karen Le Billon claims in her book of the same title.  If you have trouble imagining your children eating their vegetables without complaining--let alone everything else you might ever want to serve them--then this book's for you. In French Kids Eat Everything, Le Billon recounts her own seemingly impossible quest to get her American-raised children to enjoy as varied a diet as their French counterparts.  

At the outset, she admits to having indulged her girls' very picky eating habits.  At the time of their move to France, their palate of acceptable foods was limited to bread, cookies, pasta, cereal, ice cream, hot dogs, etc.  That notwithstanding, Le Billon succeeded in her efforts within a few months of taking up residence in her husband's hometown in Brittany. 

For interested parents and grandparents, you'll be happy to know that one does not need to move to France in order to break your child's picky eating habits. Le Billon deconstructs the process, outlining the incremental steps and strategies that she used to help her children learn to appreciate diverse foods. 

This book has already proven to be useful in our quest to cultivate healthy and adventurous eaters in our home.  It also offers a window into the world of French food culture and includes some fun recipes that you'll want to try making with your aspiring young chefs.



Cover image by rawpixel on Unsplash

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